9 Cool Tech Gifts to Wow Your Loved Ones

Even if you're shopping last minute, you can still give an impressive gift with this cool new tech

There’s nothing like being gifted a cool new piece of tech by a loved one at the holidays. Whether it’s something that makes your life easier, or something that you’d never splurge on for yourself, tech gifts are a popular idea for a reason. Here, the nine best new tech products of 2023 that will have your loved ones proclaiming “you’re the BEST!” this holiday.

Portable home speaker

There’s no need for a full home sound system when the new Move 2 speaker from Sonos can go with you anywhere. Whether it’s on the bathroom counter for relaxing tunes during your next tub time, or out on the patio to play jams for a backyard barbecue, the Move 2 delivers crisp stereo sound wherever you go. Plus, its automatic Trueplay tuning uses its built-in microphones to analyze the acoustics of its surroundings and optimize its output.

Sonos Move 2, $560, sonos.com

Techie timepiece

Apple’s newest wearable tech, the Watch Ultra 2, is a step-up from its predecessor: It boasts a new, faster chip, and a screen that’s 50 per cent brighter than before, making it visible even in direct sun. Plus, its new double tap feature allows the wearer to control the watch without even touching the screen—they can simply tap their thumb and index fingers together to activate certain controls.

Apple Watch Ultra 2, $1,099, apple.ca

Conceptual console

Let your loved one show off their favourite video game franchise with a themed Nintendo Switch OLED Model—and a new game to match! If they’re a Mario fan, they’ll love running around in Super Mario Bros. Wonder while playing on a matching Mario Red edition of the console. If The Legend of Zelda is more their speed, the new Tears of the Kingdom-themed OLED is the perfect console to play on while they explore the new version of Hyrule.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, $80, nintendo.com
Nintendo Switch OLED – Mario Red Edition, $450, nintendo.com
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, $90, nintendo.com
Nintendo Switch OLED – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition, $470, nintendo.com

Thermometer that does it all

Want perfectly cooked meat every time? With the latest smart thermometer from Meater, you can monitor the internal temperature of your roast via an app on your phone. And because you don’t have to open your oven, it keeps the heat more consistent, leading to quicker, more even roasts. With a higher temperature tolerance and more internal sensors than the original Meater, this new version will make cooking a breeze.

Meater 2 Plus, $170, meater.com

Futuristic earbuds

Say goodbye to your waxy earbuds—these Ambie earbuds don’t even go near your ear canal. Instead, these they your ear and use bone conduction tech to let you listen to music through your skull. Wild, right? Also, they’re waterproof so no need to worry about sweat ruining your running tunes. You can even wear them in the shower!

NeroLabs Ambie earbuds, $130, yesnero.com

Stimulating sex toy

If you’ve ever been curious about backdoor play, the Soraya Beads from Lelo were designed for beginners of all genders. Its innovative BowMotion technology—inspired by the bow movements of violinists—allows the beads to vibrate individually but in time with each other.

Lelo Soraya Beads, $310, lelo.com

New-school flip phone

If you didn’t have a hot-pink Razr in the mid 2000s are you even a Millennial? The flip phone is back, but this time Samsung has turned it into a smartphone with specs to impress: a foldable front screen that can be propped up to take hands-free selfies, wireless charging capability and water-resistant and scratch-resistant construction. Plus, with the Flip 5, you get an even larger cover screen, meaning you can check your phone without having to open it.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 5, $1,460, samsung.ca

Ultimate styling tool

It’s about time the hair straightener got an innovative redesign. Using streams of air instead of the hot ceramic plates of tradition straighteners, Dyson’s Airstrait dries and styles hair without the need for extreme heat. Since it uses lower temperatures, the Airstrait promotes your hair’s natural shine and helps to maintain your colour.

Dyson Airstrait, $700, dysoncanada.ca

Gift of cleaner air

With cold and flu season hered (and don’t forget the new strains of Covid going around…), clean air is becoming one of the most important things to have in your home. This air purifier uses Blueair’s own HEPASilent technology, which utilizes both mechanical and electrostatic filtration to capture particles from viruses and bacteria to pet dander and smoke. Plus, it’s Auto Mode will adjust fan speeds according to your home’s pollution levels so you can breathe easy.

Blueair Blue Pure 311i Max Air Purifier, $320, canadiantire.ca