Non-alcoholic craft cocktails are having a moment. By 2024, the consumption of low- or zero-alcohol distilled spirits is projected to increase by 31 per cent, according to an industry study conducted in 10 countries, including Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. To meet demand, beverage brands are coming to the table with a selection of non-alcoholic products with artisanal bona fides and layered flavour profiles. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite Canadian products in the category, as well other great stuff for the sober sipping set.

The CB FIzz cocktail by mixologist Evelyn Chick.

1. The CB Fizz
Try star mixologist Evelyn Chick’s signature creation for this very magazine, featuring Seedlip Garden 108 and a homemade raspberry basil shrub. Get the recipe.

Solbru Restore spirit

2. Solbrü Restore
This sugar-free gingery elixir from Winnipeg is made with organic-mushroom extract, dandelion root and licorice. Best served on the rocks with a slice of citrus. $33 for 750 ml,

Bejamin Bridge Piquette Zero

3. Benjamin Bridge Piquette Zero
This winemaker, based in Wolfville, N.S., has launched an alcohol-free wine-style drink. It’s like a citrus grove in a can, with notes of bergamot, lime, yuzu and blood-orange peel.
$49.50 for 12 250 ml cans,

Lumette London Dry

4. Lumette London Dry Alt-Spirit
This alternative to gin is distilled in B.C. using premium botanicals. Mix with an upmarket tonic or use as the spirit substitute in a sour cocktail.
$36 for 750 ml,

Sobrii non-alcoholic gin

5. Sobrii 0-Gin
From Stratford, Ont., this crisp and aromatic elixir is distilled using juniper berries, coriander, allspice, star anise and local ginseng.
$35 for 750 ml,

Acid League wine proxy

6. Acid League Proxies
Based in Dundas, Ont., this company blends juices, teas, spices and bitters to make its limited-edition wine alternatives.
$70 for three new Proxies each month,

Sundays Easy Edge sideboard

7. Sundays Easy Edge Sideboard
Mid-century style and made of white oak, this sideboard by Canadian company Sundays is the perfect modern liquor cabinet.

8. Lyre’s White Cane Spirit
Made by the reigning cool kid of the international non-alcoholic market—Lyre’s is valued at $140 million US.

Lyre's White Cane Spirit

Lateral Objects gradient glasses

9. Lateral Objects Gradient Glasses
Covetable cocktail glasses will elevate any drink—no garnish necessary.
$60 each,

10. The Rice Straw
Longer-lasting than your usual soggy paper straw, this biodegradable option won’t leave behind a cardboard aftertaste, either.
$12 for 50,

Eco Supply's Rice Straws
CB Staff
CB Staff