The Best Fitness Gear to Keep You Motivated This Year

We rounded up the slickest new workout products to hit the market
(photos: Kate Ince / styling: Nicole Billark)

Sales for fitness paraphernalia boomed during the pandemic: In 2020, Canadians increased their spending on dumbbells, resistance bands and stationary bikes by more than 40 per cent—and it’s hardly slowed down since folks have gotten out of their living rooms and back to the gym. Innovations in wearable trackers, tech accessories and high-performance clothing are driving sales, which are expected to reach US$16.56 billion by the end of the decade.

Here, we rounded up the slickest new fitness products to hit the market.

white On Cloudneo runners

On Cloudneo runners
These low-profile runners are part of a subscription-based program through which you receive shoes on loan, wear them until you’re done, then send them back to the company’s HQ, where they are recycled into something entirely new.

A black Peloton guide camera

Peloton Guide
The company’s newest device plugs into your TV to serve up customized classes with a side-by-side view of you and the instructor, which makes it easier to mirror form and technique.
$395 + $30/month,

Pink Ultimate Ears UE Fits

Ultimate Ears UE Fits
These wireless buds have 20 hours of battery life. They mould to the unique shape of your ears, so the chances of losing one during a high-impact workout are pretty much zilch.

An Oura ring

Oura Ring
This innovative ring has netted partnerships with the NBA and the WNBA. Its sensor technology links up with an app to deliver insights on everything from sleep patterns to heart rate to body temperature.

A Lola massage gun

Lola massage gun
Less bulky than its competitors and with four interchangeable heads, this pocket-size muscle massager is specifically designed for targeting post-workout stiffness in women’s bodies.

Sport this moisture-wicking antimicrobial T-shirt from Vancouver brand Duer both in and out of the gym.

A grey Duer t-shirt

Designed in P.E.I. by a team of avid cyclists, these padded shorts with breathable bib straps are built for comfort during both outdoor rides and stationary-bike workouts.

A Carmel short and bib cycling outfit

The $56-billion activewear giant from B.C. has combined 20 years of fabric innovation with feedback from athletes to develop SenseKnit, a lightweight line of running apparel, like this natty one-piece.

A Lululemon SenseKnit running one-piece in purple

The right bra can make or break a workout. This one, from Toronto-based Michi, has a supportive chest band, eight-way stretch, removable cups and a mesh insert for breathability.

A red and nude Michi sports bra

A modern spin on the Vancouver brand’s classic ’90s duffle, this roomy recycled-nylon bag is durable enough to haul around all of the above in style.

A navy duffel bag from MEC

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