The Best Gifts (Under $40) to Give Your Co-worker

Shopping for your cubicle mate isn't always easy, especially if you have to stick to a budget. But here are 10+ ideas that are guaranteed hits.

With the return to the office comes the return of the office gift exchange. Maybe you are forced—er, encouraged—to partake in a Secret Santa, or perhaps you actually want to give your cubicle mate a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation. Either way, shopping for unique co-worker gifts isn’t always easy; how many succulents or whimsical mugs can one give?! Here, some great—and practical—gifting ideas for your colleagues this holiday season.

co-worker gifts: coffee

Coffee that gives back

There’s no such thing as too much coffee. Sisters’ Story Coffee is made from organic and fair-trade beans sourced from farms owned and operated by Indigenous women in northern Peru. And, the Canadian company donates 15 per cent of each purchase to a local women’s shelter.


co-worker gifts: socks

Soft wool socks

Socks may not sound like the most exciting gift, but in the cold winter months your colleague will be thankful they have a super warm pair for their work commute. These crew socks are made from a blend of Merino wool and recycled materials, so they’re warm *and* eco-friendly.


co-worker gifts: chocolate ornament

Locally made chocolate

This made-in-Quebec chocolate brand sells festive treats, like this mini pack of peanut- and gluten-free Belgian chocolate snowmen. Bonus points: The chocolates come in an ornament-style box, so gift-wrapping is solved.


A photo of Lodge wellness mist

Scented wellness mist

After a long day of meetings, help your co-worker unwind with a calming scent. Lodge, founded by Indigenous designer Angela DeMontigny, makes this mist from frankincense, balsam fir and cedarwood oils. The soothing product can be sprayed in a room to foster grounding and well-being.


A photo of Chandler's gingerbread honey

Natural honey

Who doesn’t love something sweet? Chandler’s raw, organic honey comes in a variety of flavours and is sourced exclusively from the Scandia Honey Company in Alberta. We’re partial to the gingerbread variety, which is especially festive.

$16 for 250g,

A photo of a coffee shop candle by Moonday

Soy candle

This candle scent—coffee shop—evokes those cosy cafe vibes. Made with biodegradable soy wax, Moonday’s candles are toxin- and phthalate-free. And all the candles are made in Montreal and come in eco-friendly packaging.


A photo of dans un jardin hand soap

Hand soap

We’re still hand washing with extra frequency and care, so help your colleague keep germs at bay with some festive-smelling soap. This made-in-Canada liquid number has notes of fir needles, cedar and warm spices.


Co-worker gifts: Wooden ornament

Tree ornament

We all have that colleague who loves the holidays—like covers-their-desk-with-decorations kind of love. This wooden tree ornament is perfect for the person who starts celebrating in October and wears Christmas sweaters to the office every chance they get.


A photo of Wayward raspberry gin

A tasty tipple

For those who like to make their own craft cocktails, Wayward Distillery’s raspberry gin liqueur is a fruity addition to any bar cart.  It can be subbed into any gin-based mixed drink or served over ice—just make sure your colleague waits until they get home to open it.


A Oui thermos in sage

Durable thermos

Homeware brand Oui makes this stylish stainless-steel travel thermos, ideal for that work commute. It’s insulated with a double-walled design and has an air-tight lid that includes a folding travel spoon.


A photo of Heartbeat Hot Sauce bottles

Hot sauce

This hot sauce packs all the punch. Heartbeat makes sauce in a variety of flavours, including red habanero, dill pickle serrano and jalapeño. All the sauces are rated on a heat scale, so you can pick your poison accordingly.

$12 each,