The Best and Most Beautiful Home Office Chairs

If your back is sore from hunching over your desk, it might be time to upgrade your chair

When it comes to home office essentials, the right chair tops the list. Good seating supports your posture and can help ward off back aches: A 2012 review published by BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders found that modifying your chair can prevent strain and minimize back and shoulder pain. This means that anyone who has worked hunched over a dining room table for the past two years can likely benefit from a chair upgrade. If you’re in the market for a more ergonomic office chair, or want to add a pop of colour to your home office, here’s our top picks for the best and most beautiful office chairs from Canadian brands.

Maison Corbeil's black leather Pitch chair

Classic black leather swivel chair

Rolling in from a Montreal-based, family-run décor biz, this adjustable swivel office chair takes inspiration from the legendary Eames Shell Chair. The black leather seat is accented with slim arms, guaranteeing a visual impact that won’t overwhelm a small workspace.

Pitch adjustable leather office chair, $530,

Gus Modern's radius task chair in a fabric material

Fabric tub-style chair

With an upholstered finish and the ability to swivel a full 360 degrees, you’ll look forward to sinking into this cushioned tub-style chair and getting to work. There’s a choice of three textured neutral tones—graphite, charcoal and caramel—that look good from every angle. And it’s versatile, too. The height-adjustable chair ships from Toronto with a set of castors and stationary feet, so you can modify it to suit your needs.

Gus* Modern Radius Task Chair, $525,

Structube's armless office chair

Armless padded chair

From a Montreal-founded retailer beloved for its affordable price points, this budget-friendly home office chair rings in under $150—but doesn’t skimp on comfort or looks. It’s plush and padded, and is designed without arms, making it ideal for tight workspaces. The adjustable chair comes in four fun colours to choose from: teal, grey, rose and lime.

Willy office chair, $129,

EQ3 chair in white

Versatile shell chair

Designed out of the brand’s Winnipeg HQ, this EQ3 office chair boasts elegant curves that provide an instant upgrade that works well for both minimalist and colourful offices. What’s more, you can choose either a synthetic leather or fabric-covered style. Along with adjustable height and full swivel capabilities, the timeless silhouette also features a practical perk: The seat cushion is removable which helps make any spills NBD.

Nixon Office Chair, $500,

Black leather office chair from Wayfair

Traditional ergonomic office chair

Putting in the hours to do big things in business? Get a chair that’s up to the task. This made-in-Canada high-back design features padded armrests, lumbar support, a knee tilt mechanism (which allows feet to stay flat on the floor while the chair is tilted back) and extra foam cushioning on the seat that helps redistribute pressure for ergonomic excellence all day, or night.

Barnhart Executive Chair, $700,

Staples white chair

Multi-use wooden chair

Modern lines, cream upholstery and wooden legs team up to create a chic office chair with multi-use potential. A made-in-Canada design, the sturdy base and high back offer a comfy addition to your workstation that can just as easily make an appearance in your living or dining space when extra seating is needed.

MidMod by Union & Scale Fabric Guest Chair, $230,

Nuevo Akron Office Chair

Modern wood and iron chair

This luxe chair brings together a wooden backrest, leather seat and a cast-iron frame for a stylized industrial look. Finished with a bronze-handled adjustable lever, it’s a showstopping piece from Nuevo, one of the most innovative Canadian-founded décor labels.

Nuevo Akron Office Chair, $1,399,

Ingrie Williams
Ingrie Williams
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