The 5 Canadian Companies Partnering With the New Shake Shack in Toronto

The popular NYC burger joint is finally opening in Canada—and it's partnering with local favourites for some of its exclusive menu items
(Photography: Kevin John Siazon)

After 20 years in business, the New York City-founded restaurant Shake Shack finally opened up shop in Canada this week. Located at the corner of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto, the new flagship location marks Shake Shack Canada’s first foray into the country, and is serving up exclusive menu items made in partnership with many Ontario-based businesses. Here, a look at some of these special options as well as the local partnerships that helped make them happen.


Located in Toronto’s Liberty Village, Brodflour mill and bakery provides the butter tarts used in Shake Shack Canada’s I Heart Butter Tart Concrete, which involves blending butter tarts into their vanilla frozen custard with a bit of flaky salt.

A cup of frozen custard blended with a butter tart from Brodflour
I Heart Butter Tart Concrete (Photography: Kevin John Siazon)
A cup of frozen custard with smores toppings
More S’mores Concrete (Photography: Kevin John Siazon)

ChocoSol Traders

Toronto chocolate shop ChocoSol Traders provides chocolate chunks and cocoa nibs for two of Shake Shack Canada’s desserts: The Shack Attack Concrete and and the Canadian-exclusive More S’mores Concrete. The former is made up chocolate frozen custard blended with brownies, fudge sauce, chocolate chunks and cocoa nibs, while the latter is blends both chocolate and vanilla frozen custard with toasted marshmallow sauce, fudge sauce, graham crumb and chopped chocolate pieces topped with a graham cracker dipper.

Bellwoods Brewery

While Shake Shack’s ShackMeister Ale is available at its U.S. restaurants, Toronto-based Bellwoods Brewery got to make a Canadian version that’s exclusive to the new location. Complete with a custom can done in Bellwoods’s signature style, the hoppy beer contains bright notes of citrus, while retaining the slight bitterness of its American counterpart, which is brewed by Brooklyn Brewery.

A can of ShakeMeister Ale made by Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto and two cans of wine from Rosewood Winery in Niagara
(Photography: Kevin John Siazon)

Rosewood Winery

Shake Shake Canada also offers two canned wines—one red and one white—which are both made by Rosewood Wine in Niagara using Ontario grapes. The Shack Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and the Shack White is a dry Riesling.

Pluck Tea

Toronto-based Pluck Tea provides the iced tea for Shake Shack Canada, which is brewed fresh daily and used in their Fifty/Fifty drink made with iced tea and lemonade.