The Business Benefits of Private Aviation

What private air travel could mean for your business

“Some of the major benefits of flying privately include time efficiency, increased productivity and complete control over your schedule,” says Stan Kuliavas, vice president, sales & business development at Levaero Aviation.

How can business aviation benefit your company? Discover the facts and why more than 97 per cent of the top-performing North American companies use private aircraft.

Illustration: Flo Leung

With a national sales office in Toronto, Levaero specializes in both new and pre-owned aircraft acquisitions and sales. Accredited by the International Aircraft Dealers Association, the experts at Levaero helps business leaders in an array of industries, from automotive to farming, discover the benefits of aircraft ownership. The exclusive dealer for Pilatus aircraft in Canada, Levaero helps their customers acquire and sell new and pre-owned aircraft, and provide top-of-the-line aircraft maintenance, support and customer service. By working with a trusted aircraft brokerage, customers can be confident that the aircraft they’re buying is exactly right for their needs.