Innovative Devices are Transforming a Regular Day’s Work in the Financial Services Industry

See how Samsung Galaxy devices help financial services employees stay productive outside of the office

When COVID-19 hit, the pace of digital adoption within the financial services industry was accelerated practically overnight. Employees needed a way to stay connected and productive away from the office and turned to the latest digital tools and technologies to make this a reality. Now, there’s no going back: the benefits reaped from these technologies have only cemented employees’ reliance on digital innovation going forward.

For finance professionals, the work itself hasn’t changed: a typical workday is still jam packed with different tasks. Productivity remains key as employees race against the clock to put the finishing touches on a budget presentation to stakeholders, analyze spreadsheet data or deliver a summary of a market report. With ad-hoc requests popping up and a steady influx of emails to tend to, robust and efficient tech tools are vital for managing whatever the day throws at them.

New workplace models have transformed where and how work is being done. Financial services employees are now collaborating remotely, multitasking more and relying on their mobile devices to get through their workday—with lots riding on the outcomes. For the IT experts tasked with supporting these workers, the challenge is about empowering them with the tools they need to successfully navigate this flexible new world.

That starts with the first email check of the day. Samsung Galaxy devices help finance professionals get more done from the moment they first pick up their phones. The Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G allows employees to access and view three applications at once with the Multi-Active Window1—making multitasking easier (the more compact Galaxy Z Flip3 5G enables multitasking for up to two applications). This means that instead of having to switch over to a laptop, financial services employees can compare important documents side-by-side using Microsoft Office suite2 on their handheld devices. 

From there, they can make edits directly on the expansive 7.6″ edge-to-edge display3 of their Galaxy Fold3 5G using the S Pen4 digital stylus. They can also quickly convert those notes into digital text with the touch of a button. These innovative features help even the busiest corporate executives check off their to-do lists on the go.

The rise of flexible work models hasn’t reduced the number of daily meetings or presentations that most financial professionals attend each day. But more of those meetings now occur by phone and video. Samsung Galaxy mobile devices make it simple and efficient to participate remotely, whether from home, office or another location. Both the Galaxy Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G pair seamlessly with the Galaxy Buds Pro, reducing background noise and providing clear and crisp audio. The Buds Pro also allow for a degree of privacy if calls take place in a public setting. And, with Flex Mode, there’s no need to even hold the phone: execs can simply prop up their phone and access split-screen multitasking viewing. This makes it easier to simultaneously participate on conference calls while taking notes or pulling up reference documents.

The rise of new work models has also led to increased attention on the importance of fitness and wellness. With the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, employees can track their steps while they’re walking to meetings or learn more about their body composition following a midday workout. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic also tracks stress levels and can alert employees to take a breather or stretch before jumping on the next conference call.

Finance has always been a fast-paced and multifaceted career. But the move toward more flexible work models demand that professionals do more on the go with devices that not only make that possible, but preferable. On days when work goes from the home office to a client’s boardroom to a coffee shop, the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 can keep up with employees who require a device with more computing power. 

At two pounds, the Galaxy Book Pro is the lightest Galaxy Book yet5 with a battery life of up to 20 hours6—allowing a whole day’s work to take place on a single charge7. Employees can download spreadsheets, review contracts and send out emails all with the latest 11th Gen Core processor that’s Intel® Evo-certified. Employees don’t need to slow down with this device on hand.

Financial service employees can use the expansive 13.3”/15.6” Super AMOLED touch screen of the Galaxy Book Pro 360 to jot down handwritten notes during meetings with the included S Pen and quickly convert them into a document to share among team members afterwards. Designed with a 360° hinge, it is as flexible as the mobile workday requires—matching perfectly to those busy days on the go.

When paired with the Galaxy Buds Pro, employees using the Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Pro 360 can easily join the meeting through Bluetooth connectivity without interrupting their regular workflow.

Versatile, portable and ready to do the job remotely—in today’s increasingly mobile world, these are the qualities of a financial service workforce that’s built for success. They’re also the same qualities to look for in the digital tools that enable finance professionals to do their best work.

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1 Multi-Active Windows works with select applications. Number of compatible apps is growing through third party developers.
2 Drag and drop functionality works with select applications.
3 Measured diagonally, the screen size is 7.6″ in a full rectangle and 7.4″ accounting for the rounded corners.
4 Compatible with S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro only, each sold separately.
5 Based on laptop with Intel 11th Gen Processor and Intel EVO platform.
6 Battery life may vary depending on environment, usage patterns and other factors. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on several factors and other application usage patterns. Results may vary. 20-hour battery life once fully charged.
7 When using the included charger and cable.