This New Cloud Accounting Service is the Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

Finance Plus—KPMG’s newest cloud bookkeeping service—is the one-stop-shop solution for easy, efficient and real-time accounting needs

If you run a small- to medium-sized business, you’re familiar with the challenges of keeping your books straight. Some common woes: Keeping data accurate and up to date, properly managing your budgets and cash flow and finding time in your busy schedule to dedicate to the accounting process.

Hiring a bookkeeper is often an expense and responsibility that many new and growing businesses simply cannot take on. Cloud accounting can be an affordable option while providing insights to optimise business operations.

Enter KPMG Finance Plus—an innovative cloud bookkeeping and reporting solution, complete with personalized support and practical insights for small- to medium-sized businesses. The advanced technology platform offers an efficient, centralized and affordable way to outsource bookkeeping and financial reporting, all overseen by a live KPMG professional.

Rodrigo Freig has benefited from the switch. A veteran of the engineering industry since 2000, Rodrigo discovered he had a passion for BIM (Building Information Modelling), and he decided to launch his own business, Modelo Tech Studio, in 2018. The company provides 3D building solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction projects.

Like many solopreneurs, Rodrigo decided to manage all facets of his company—a choice that created challenges over the course of his first year in business.

“It was tough, because I had no experience with accounting and managing expenses,” he says. “Instead of becoming familiar with new tools in my industry, I was spending time trying to learn about accounting and bookkeeping, which isn’t my cup of tea.”

Once Rodrigo started using KPMG Finance Plus, he could better focus on essential tasks and growth strategy for Modelo Tech.

“It’s really given me my time back. I get my payroll reports every two weeks, and I get my reconciliation reports at the end of each month. I get my financials as well as statements, and I can review those quite quickly. Instead of taking one or two days per week of my time, it takes me a couple of hours per month to review and approve what KPMG sends me. It really helps me focus on the other parts of my business.”

Cloud bookkeeping makes a lot of sense for business owners like Modelo Tech, as most already use the cloud daily in other areas of their business. “In my industry, everything we do is on the cloud,” says Rodrigo. “We do our 3D modelling on the cloud, and we transfer information and access our documents there, too. It’s just easier and better. Plus, we don’t have to waste money on printing paper.”

Along with expense tracking, payroll assistance, budget creation, and a host of other core features, Finance Plus also provides a dedicated KPMG professional for extra support when you need it.

Says Rodrigo: “I’m always dealing with the same person, which is great. They know the industry, my business, and they already know about the size of my expenses and who I have to pay. Also, we don’t have to worry about transferring information between multiple points of contact, so it’s more efficient.”

Whether you’re a start-up, franchise or multi-location business, KPMG Finance Plus enables businesses to outsource bookkeeping, accounting and payroll functions to an experienced team—so you can focus on the growth of your business.

For more information and a complimentary quote, visit the KPMG Finance Plus website.

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