How Flygreen’s JETPRO Sets a New Standard for Private Jetting

Flygreen is leveraging JETPRO, a powerful internal sourcing engine, for maximum efficiency—and seamless flight experiences.

Modern technological innovations are upending performance and results across industries. Now thanks to JETPRO, Flygreen’s exciting new platform, private aviation is an even better experience for business and leisure travellers.

While the goal of private jet charters is to provide maximum convenience for end users, the backend work required to deliver seamless flight experiences is often anything but easy. Getting the right plane to a passenger when they need it requires navigating a complicated array of logistics, including plane availability and location, itinerary, and other considerations.

While efficiency is the name of the game, it is ironic that charter bookings are still mostly done via email—and you certainly don’t need to be a jetsetter to know what a drag that can be.

Introducing JETPRO

In a market saturated with decades-old communications systems, JETPRO represents an incredible advance in modernizing, and innovating, legacy systems. This complex sourcing platform meticulously tracks various flight options to deliver the optimal plane to its users while maximizing operational efficiency—an uncommon benefit that distinguishes JETPRO from its competitors.

“In an industry where time is of the essence, JETPRO is our answer to the need for rapid, accurate decision-making,” says Flygreen CEO Matt Keezer. “It’s about empowering our jet charter executives with a comprehensive, customizable platform, enhanced by advanced technology, that keeps pace with the dynamic nature of our work. This ensures that every client receives tailored, efficient service that meets their unique needs.”

Unlike flying commercial, private aviation is anything but cookie-cutter. From turboprops to light jets to planes that can accommodate an entire company for an offsite event, options are abundant—Flygreen alone has more than 7,000 planes in its network to choose from. JETPRO takes the work out of matching the right option to a customer’s needs, every time.

“What sets us apart is our forward-thinking technology,” says Keezer. “JETPRO is an intelligent platform that elevates our service, providing enhanced options that lead the industry. This technology enables us to offer a breadth of personalized travel solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our clients with an effectiveness that is distinct in the marketplace.”

The Most Sustainable Flight for Your Needs

But efficiency is taking on new meaning these days, specifically where aviation and its resulting emissions are concerned. With its ability to consider options such as environmental impact and carbon footprint, JETPRO also provides a better alternative for customers trying to align their need for convenience with environmental concerns.

Flygreen actively supports the development of electric aviation technology. But in the interim, CEO Keezer doesn’t believe that seamless flight experiences and environmental consciousness should be an either/or choice.

“We need to find ways to bridge the gap between now and when electric aviation becomes commercially viable,” Keezer says. “Our aim is to be as responsible as we can to recognize this consumer shift in behaviour. It’s becoming more obvious that business as usual, especially in aviation, is not what consumers want. There are a lot of expectations that the aviation industry will transition to something more sustainable and responsible, so we’re trying to champion that in the best way we can.”

Part of that transition includes action to capture the emissions planes generate until cleaner technologies become a reality. The company has introduced a program that matches 50 per cent of customers’ carbon capture contributions, offering a tangible way for travellers to actively participate in reducing their environmental impact.

Altogether, JETPRO is an innovative, ground-breaking approach that reduces the inefficiencies that drag down even private flying experiences—and finally delivers on the promise of private aviation.

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