Last Call! Apply Now to the Canadian Business Innovation Awards

The annual ranking celebrates the companies that are forging a more progressive path forward
(Illustration: Joanna Lawniczak)

We all love to be recognized for our hard work. But what if that meant more than just a pat on the back—and could actually be the thing that helps accelerate your business to reach new heights? 

Now in its second year, the Canadian Business Innovation Awards celebrate trailblazing companies that are pushing their industries forward and challenging the status quo. Applications are now open, and in the spring of 2023 we will be announcing 50 leading organizations that show what it is to be truly innovative—with game-changing products and services, visionary leadership and genuinely progressive social and environmental initiatives. 

These awards were designed as a truly meaningful benchmark for success—making that top 50 is a badge of honour that organizations can be proud of. In partnership with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E), an independent, non-partisan policy institute, CB uses an advanced methodology to analyze the many complex factors that contribute to an organization’s overall achievements in innovation. Previous winners include tech goliath Shopify, restaurant group Gusto54, and the Indigenous-owned makeup brand Cheekbone Beauty

Companies that win a Canadian Business Innovation Award will be feted at a gala in April, where they’ll get a chance to meet their fellow trailblazers and toast this achievement. The list of winners will also be announced in the Summer 2023 issue of Canadian Business magazine, where the award-winning publication will profile the ways that these 50 homegrown success stories are making Canada—and the rest of the world—a truly vibrant, thriving place. 

Organizations can apply online until February 17, 2023. The awards are open to Canadian companies of all sizes as well as international organizations that have a Canadian headquarters and make substantial contributions to innovation in the Canadian market. The entry fee is $400 and includes a corporate subscription to Canadian Business.

To apply to be recognized on the list, complete our entry survey here. For questions, email [email protected].

CB Staff
CB Staff